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Property Management Services

  • Peace of mind that your property is being handled by professionals and treated as a business.
  • Coordinating maintenance between tenant and vendor when needed.
  • Properly notify tenants if you wish to visit your property for any reason.
  • Be aware and knowledgeable of the current Real Estate Laws pertaining to Property Management.

Call us today for your no obligation rental assessment of your property.

Tenant Placement

Our fee for Placement service is one month's rent. We offer full Property Management service for 12% of the monthly rent collected.

FREE Visual inspection with pictures  of your property upon contact with no obligation

No payment required up front.

No habitability inspection fee.

No annual fee.

Perform an owners walk through and take pictures for web site upon signing the Property Management agreement.

Expose your property through local websites and our own web site.

Provide available property listings 24 hours a day from our website.

Maintain current listings on our web site, updated daily if needed.

We will add a video walkthrough to our website for prospective tenants to view.

Provide thorough Tenant Screening. We look for a good and longstanding rental history, verifiable income (at least 2.5 times the monthly rent) and good credit.

Verify all information given on an application. We contact current and previous rental references.

Owners must sign all Rental Agreements and Addendums.

Do a five page move in walk through before a tenant moves in for an accurate statement of the condition of the home.

Condition/Inspection walk-through reports during rental are provided upon request for $25.

We take rent collections in our office and disburse monthly rents to owners. All rents are due on the 1st of each month. Late fees, which are 6% of the rent, are assessed on the 7th day of the month as contractually agreed.

Post and mail 3-day Notice to Pay or Quit if rent is not paid. We always hope to resolve a situation such as this amicably to avoid a vacancy

Provide monthly income and expenditure statements.

Provide year end reports of all activity on all property accounts

Mission Statement

Our goal is to manage your rental property in a manner that affords you the best possible rate of return on your investment by finding the most qualified tenant who will maintain your property as per the contract

Our strong commitment for rents being paid on time assures disbursement of money and financial statement issued in a timely manner.

We strive to return all calls and emails as promptly as possible.

Tenant maintenance requests must be in writing.
Response to these requests will be handled promptly.

It is our endeavor to provide tenants with a clean, code compliant and functioning rental unit.

Information Request

Please complete the form below to obtain information about North Lake Property Management managing your property.